The Hudson Valley 10-13 Association was founded in 1986 by Tom Mullins, with the invaluable assistance of John Gowrie. The first meeting was held on May 18, 1986, at the Haverstraw Elks Lodge #877. Pat Harley(d), a retired Sergeant, and Exalted Ruler of Lodge #877, was able to arrange for the meeting to be held at the lodge without cost. As more and more ‘local’ Associations were created, the National NYCPD 10-13 Association, Inc. was formed to provide a unified legislative voice for all retirees regardless of where they resided. The Hudson Valley 10-13 Association is further distinguished by being a driving force, and charter member, of the National.

The first meeting was attended by over forty retirees of all ranks. From that initial group, an organizing committee was formed, and Tom Mullins was appointed its chairman. The committe met weekly at Tom’s house, utilizing his den for a base of operations. Every meeting was attended by no fewer than ten members, and the committee met until the very first Board of Officers was installed in January 1987. Later that year, on December 1, the Association was officially incorporated in New York State.

In the beginning, meetings were held at either the Haverstraw Elks or the Rockland Lake Manor, located on Rt. 9W in Congers (now Town & Country), which is where the first Board of Officers installation ceremony was held. Afterwards, meetings were held in a variety of locations in Rockland, Orange and Westchester counties. Some months, three meetings were held, one in each county! A decision was then made to hold meetings in Rockland exclusively because the cost of moving the meeting from one county to another proved prohibitive, and also because the majority of members lived in Rockland. Early on, charter member John Hayes introduced the Association to the William DeBevoise Jr. American Legion Post#1682 in New City, and thanks to the efforts of charter member Jim Ferris, the Association has called the Post home since the early 1990’s.

Today, the Hudson Valley 10-13 Association membership is over 900 members strong and is drawn from all ranks of the NYPD. It is now the second largest of all the NYPD 10-13 Associations in the United States and looks forward to its continued growth and solidarity.

A Not-for-Profit organization of retired & active New York City Police Officers of all ranks, committed to the Health & Welfare needs of all its members, their spouses and their children”