2019 Update

Attention to Roll Call

For those of you who missed our annual bus trip to the state capitol on April 9th, you missed the best liverwurst sandwiches on this side of the Hudson and a chance to greet our politicians in Albany. You can redeem yourself, by calling your state senator and assembly person and ask them to support the following legislation during the 2019-20 Legislative session

Health Benefits Protection Bill (S# 3854) sponsored by Senator Andrew Lanza, Staten Island District 24 718 984- 4073

H.B.P.B. (A# 4203) sponsored by Assemblyman David Weprin, Fresh Meadows, Queens, District 24 718 454- 3027

Veteran’s Supplementation Bill (Retirees) (S# 3968) sponsored by Senator John E. Brooks, Massapequa, NY District 08 516 882-0630

V.S.B. (retirees) (A# 6452) sponsored by Assemblywomen D.D. Barnes, Poughkeepsie NY, District 106 845 454- 1703

COLA Enhancement Bills (six) senate # pending- sponsored by Senator Anthony Gounardes. Bay Ridge, B’klyn, District #22 (A# pending) sponsored by Assemblyman Peter Abbate B’klyn NY District #49 718 236-1764

COLA (S# pending) sponsored by Senator Patty Richie, Watertown NY, District 48 315 782- 3418

COLA (A# pending) sponsored by Assemblyman Phil Stec, Schenectady NY, District 100 518 377- 0602

Note: Senator Gounardes is the new chairman of the Civil Service & Pensions Committee And all bills must come out if his committee to move forward. Assemblyman Abbate is the chairman of the Government Employees Committee and all bills also comes out of his committee to move forward.

Important to note Senate President & Majority Leader Andrea Cousins, Yonkers NY (914) 423 2031 and Assemblyman Carl E. Heastsie, Bronx, NY (718) 654 65 39 must approve all bills to move forward for the governor’s signature. I have given their local telephone numbers, rather than their Albany numbers. You can find your representatives By visiting www.nyassembly.gov or www.nysenate.gov/findmysenator

If you have any family or friends that reside in your Senate or Assembly districts, please ask them to make a call to their district offices. The above information was provided by Frank Martarella, President, National NYCPD 10-13 Organizations, Inc



On April 17, 2018, twenty-six members of the Hudson Valley 10-13 joined with members of the Jersey Shore 10-13, and the Verrazano 10-13, and traveled to Albany, for our annual Lobby Day. Although we did not get to meet all of our legislators (as they were called into session early), we did accomplish most of our goals. Following is a synopsis of our achievements:

Health Benefits Protection Bill, which protects the benefits we earned upon retirement, has been numbered in both the Senate and Assembly.

S8220 — Senator Lanza, 718 984-4073
A5455 — Assemblyman Weprin, 718 454-3027

Veterans Supplementation Bill (Retirees), which allows Veterans to add up to three years of service time (1/4% per month — up to 36 months, for a total increase of 3%) to your pension. This bill has also been numbered in both the Senate and Assembly.

S6505A – Senator Larkin, 845 567-1270
A10324 – Assemblyman Den Decker , 718 457-0384

Three COLA Enhancement Bills are moving forward and have been sponsored by the following:

Senator Golden, 718 238-6044
Assemblyman Abbate,718 236-1764

S6047 & A10352 is a five year additional look-back for older retirees.
S6048 & A10350 raises COLA from 50% to 100% for surviving spouse.
S6049 & A10351 reduces eligibility age from 62 to 55 with 5 years of service.

It is crucial that all members call the sponsors of these bills to thank them for their support. It is also important that we contact elected officials in our individual districts to make them aware of how important these Bills are to our members and all retirees. In addition, request that they co-sponsor the Bills if they have not already done so. Once again, we must actively stand-up for ourselves. If we don’t, who will? Remember, as Bart Foley always says, “Participation and involvement are the keys to success.”

Richard Molloy
Legislative Representative

NYS Senator Terrence P. Murphy Flanked by two Hudson Valley 10-13 board members Rich Molloy (left) Vice President National NYCPD 10-13 and Past President HV 10-13 Bob Lebzelter (right) Trustee Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess counties Credit photo to: Peter T Michaelis – April 12, 2018 in Mount Kisco NY

Additional Photos:

January, 2018

It is getting close to “crunch time.” The 2017-2018 legislative session has only six months (January/June) to pass any meaningful legislation. After June, all elected officials will be leaving Albany, and returning to their districts in order to campaign for re-election.

Presently, the National NYCPD 10-13 Association supports three bills:

The Health Benefits Protection Bill: Protects benefits we earned upon retirement.

Sponsored by: Senator Andrew Lanza — 718 984-4073
Assemblyman David Weprin — 718 454-3027

The Veterans Supplementation Bill (Retirees): Will allow veterans to add up to three years of service time [ ¼ % per month,up to 36 months for a total increase of 3% ] that can be added to their pensions.

Sponsored by: Senator William Larkin — 845 567-1270
Assemblyman Michael DenDecker –718-454-0384

COLA Enhancement Bills (six): Will increase the cost-of-living adjustment.

Sponsored by: Senator Martin Golden — 718-238-6044
Assemblyman Peter Abate — 718 236-1764

Some of the above mentioned Bills have not yet been numbered or gone through the Committee process. At this point, the only way we will see these Bills voted on and sent to the Governor, is if we make the sponsors of the Bills aware of how important the Bills are not only to our membership but to all retirees and veterans.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT: In order to make the sponsors aware, we ask that each National NYCPD 10-13 member call the individual sponsors. The call can be “short and sweet.” Just mention that you are a member of the National NYCPD 10-13 Organization, as well as a member of the Alliance of Public Retiree Organization of New York. State the importance of the Bill to all retirees and veterans, and the need of the sponsor’s support.

Please make the calls. The more calls the sponsors receive, the better chance we have in getting the Bills passed. Remember, there is strength in numbers! These Bills will benefit all of us. If we don’t actively stand-up for ourselves, who will?

Richard Molloy
Vice President
National NYCPD 10-13