President’s e-Message

First of all, let me say it was a pleasure serving as your president.

The BOD were very supportive of me and I can’t thank them enough for what we accomplished.

I would like to welcome Kathleen McLaughlin our new president and her BOD. I know Kathy will do an excellent job. Let’s make it a great start by paying your dues early.

Our December 15th meeting will feature a representative of the PBA to speak about the Medicare Plans.

The meeting will be at K&E Legion at 20 Station Rd Pomona at 1900 hrs

I am asking for support at our installation Dinner on Jan 12 2003 (click here) I want to thank the club and everyone else who donated to the NYC Organization of Public Service Retire to help them fight for us and the result in Appellate Court…..We Won!

I would like to congratulate our loyal supporters US Congressman Mike Lawler, NY State Senator Bill Webber and NY State Assemblyman John McGowan on their victories.

John Briganti,