November 2019, Post Trivia – The Star Police (1845)

November 2019

Post 13 Trivia – The Star Police (1845)

John Young, Patrolman

The first NYPD was a force of 800 men who wore no uniform, but adopted the star-shaped badge that was made of brass and worn over the left breast. They came into existence when Mayor William Havemeyer had the Municipal Police Act passed in May 1845. The police was assigned to each ward that constituted a “Patrol District” with their own station house. Speaking of Havemeyer- remember the Castle Harbor on Havemeyer Avenue. Love that Roast Pork!

Patrolmen were nominated by the ward alderman or his assistant or the ward’s two tax assessors and they worked the two-platoon system. They were on duty from 16 to 18 hours a day, usually on duty for 36 hours every 48 hours.

The Act of 1846 established the Office of Chief of Police, naming George Matsell at salary of $1500 per year. He took over the duties of Inspector of Hacks, omnibuses, cabs, stages and carts. The salaries of Captain ($700), Ass’t Captain ($550) & Patrolman ($500)

Note: Ass’t Captains became Sergeants who became Lieutenants (1908)

Three Police Districts were established. Station houses were located in the wards that eventually became precincts. Each precinct station house had two doormen that were— paid $7.00 per day.

First District

1st Pct – Franklin Market (Old Slip)
2nd Pct – 60 Gold Street
3rd Pct – 38 Robinson Place (Park Place)
4th Pct – 27 James Street
5th Pct – 16 Anthony Street (now Worth Street)
6th Pct – Hall of Justice (Tombs on Centre Street)

Second District

8th Pct – Prince & Wooster Streets
9th Pct – Jefferson Market (Greenwich Street)
12th Pct – House of Detention (125 St in Harlem)
15th Pct – 650 Broadway (Constitution Hall)
16th Pct – 156 West 20th Street
18th Pet – East 29th Street between 4Th & 5TH Avenues)

Third District

7th Pct – Pine & South Streets
10th Pct – Essex Market (Ludlow Street)
11th Pct – Union Market (sheriff & Houston Streets)
13th Pet – 178 Delancey at Attorney Streets
14th Pct – Centre Market
17th Pct – Bowery & east Third Street